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The Hotellerie sector according to us

In the last 5 years we realised more than 15 hotels in Rome. We did than keeping in mind three keywords: management, velocity, and optimization. Working so intensively on hotels, we gathered experience and knowledge to be competitive in this market.

We agree with Benjamin Franklin when he said “well done is better than well said!”

From 2016 to 2021 we furnished
more than 15 hotels in Rome, among which:

The Pantheon Iconic Hotel
Design by Marco Piva

The Regency Hotel Marriott
Design by Eclettico Design

Hotel Horti 14
Design by Studio Stabili

The Glam Hotel
Design by ANVI design

Oasi di Kufra
Design by ANVI design

Margutta 19

U Visionary Hotel
Design by Pacini&Pacini

Hotel W Marriott
Design by Eclettico design

(Work in progress)
Hotel Hilton Rome Eur – La Lama

Design by Lorenzo Bellini Associates